For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Adhesive Tempered Glass Screen Protector/Black


  • $11.89

Features: The 3D curved tempered glass screen protector is full screen adhesive rather than just adhesive around the edges so that it ensures a complete and seamless integration with your phone. The film attaches firmly and maintains high touch sensitivity for your phone.

Attention: Installation tray plays a role of fixing the tempered glass screen protector to your phone well. The phone screen must be cleaned with cleaning set. It is advised that first remove the massive air bubbles on an up and down, middle-out way. For the remaining, up the tempered glass screen protector edge via your nail to the tiny air bubble position (No need to peel off the whole one), and then expel the remaining outward. Without uncovering the edge, while only repeatedly squeeze the tiny air bubble spot, it will destroy the adhesive layer of the glass protector. It is advised that view the instruction video online before installation. It is difficult for a beginner to install the tempered glass screen protector well. If the screen protector is slightly misplaced over the screen, it will not fit. So it is recommended that ask an experienced person to do the work. Full Adhesive Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector approximate thickness: 0.33mm glass+0.45mm AB glue.

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