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Member's Mark Multipurpose Odor Control Ultra Absorbent Pads, 120 Pads

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Whether you need to keep your house dry and tidy or want some extra protection while traveling with your furry friend, reach for Member's Mark™ Multipurpose Ultra Absorbent Training Pads. They are specifically designed to help provide excellent protection throughout the day and night for puppies and dogs of all ages. They are ideal for use at home, the office, inside pet carriers, on car seats, in the back of trucks, and other such locations. How to Potty Train Dogs Unfold the pad and place on the floor with the leak-proof plastic side down. It is recommended to place in the specific area you wish your pet to relieve itself. Keep away from your pet's food or bedding areas. Place your pet on or near the pad so that your pet can smell the pad's scent. The treated pad will attract your puppy when nature calls. If your pet is unfamiliar with using the floor protection pads, follow these steps to ensure success: Step 1 Find a good spot for the training pad and introduce your dog to the pad. Using a leash to guide your dog to the potty pad is helpful, while saying cues such as "go potty" or another phrase you've chosen. Step 2 Every time your dog goes on the potty pad, make sure you give them praise with enthusiastic words and yummy treats. You want to form a positive association with them using the training pad. Step 3 Stay consistent with the training of using the pads, don't ease off after a few successes. Keep taking your dog to the pee pad while cueing them to eliminate and making sure you continue to praise them and reward them for using the pad. Eventually your dog will use the training pad without being cued, when that time comes, don't forget to continue praising and giving them rewards. Why Should I Use Training Pads? Training pads for dogs don’t have to be used just for puppies training to go potty, they come in handy for a variety of reasons. Leaving Your Dog at Home When leaving your dog at home for an extended period of time and you won’t be home for potty breaks, you can teach your dog to go in certain areas of the home and on the pad vs. on the floor or carpet. Crate Liners These pads are also great as crate liners. If you need to leave your dog in a crate for a while, you can line the crate with training pads in case they need to eliminate. Senior Dogs Training pads are also useful for senior dogs. If you have a senior dog that has trouble making it outside, having a designated potty area for them with the leakproof pads is another great option.

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