Universal Intelligent Battery Charger +LCD Indicator +USB Charging Port


  • $5.99

Specifications: (Input: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz), Output: DC 4.2V 400mA, Output: USB 5.2V 1250mA. External battery desktop charger, charge your battery without it is in your phone, compact design with smart IC chip to prevent over charge or over heating. This travel charger can be used anywhere in the world with the U.S version 2pin style plug. Easy to charge your battery without the phone. LED Charge indicator. **Instructions** First, slide the flexible flap on the charger, to fit your phone battery properly. Second, slide the two metal pin to contacts to the two pole of your phone battery, one contacts to "+" metal pole and the other contacts to "-" metal pole of your battery. Wait a moment later, you will see that the LCD will show the rest of the battery capacity and lastly, plug the charger into the wall outlet for re-charging.

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